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 Consortium members are able to prepare economic feasibility packages which detail the viability of your project and are useful tools for negotiating financial investments. Kathryn McDonald completed a feasibility study for a fish processing factory, and designs ads for retail. William Stewart has worked extensively with international issues such as garment manufacturing and hotel development. Ann Stewart consults for national advertising clients.The publications of William Stewart have been used by airlines, hotels, factories and small businesses in the United States and abroad.
Elizabeth Stewart publishes tourist maps in five languages which have a waiting list of advertisers in the United States and overseas.Elizabeth Stewart's knowledge of protocol and different customs are of benefit to anyone involved with  foreign venture.
Kathryn McDonald's televised broadcast commercials, theatrical scripts,  radio voice- overs, and by-lined articles reach regional national and international audiences. Her articles have appeared in translation and across the United States, she is a consultant to publishing companies and is profecient in all aspects of  media relations.
Robert Harrison opens doors at the government for groups who are far from our nations capitol. His experience on the staff of the Legislature, at the Department of Justice and with the United States Armed Forces have created his reputation with industry, cattlemen, agriculture, and special interest groups who need input into government policy.
Our vast network of international associates will send  your message around the world.
The consortium does not charge Madison Avenue fees for services which can be achieved reasonably and without unnecessary frills. Clients can expect honest billings and tangible results.

Among our associates are established broadcast and television studios, acountants, public image managers,specialists in campaign fundraising, journalists, account executives and excellent translators, we offer services to assist existing businesses increase their share of the market by mining bidding opportunities with the federal and state governments. Grant writing is a forte of all Consortium members. Our market surveys collect and compile statistics of current trends.

Stevan Company is proud to acknowledge our associates and our clients achievements.
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