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Stevan Publishing and Production opened in 1983 in Austin, Texas as a news service is owned by Kathryn McDonald. The company was an Associate Member of Texas Press Association, the Austin Chamber of Commerce and produced for ACTV. Clients include over 150 print newspapers, and nationally recognized magazines. Kathryn McDonald is multi lingual and was employed by a multilingual publishing company overseas.Her clients have included airlines, retail department stores and resorts. She is a Member At Large of The Society of Professional Journalists and Founder of the Society of Ethical Publishers. She was listed by the American Biographic Institute on the basis of four recommendations. She is a prize winning playwrite. Presently in Washington, D.C., the company is developing a consortium of associates and solicits contracts for lobbyists, editorial staff and marketing experts. Ms. McDonald has some background in Criminal Justice.

William H. Stewart and Ann Stewart are the owners of Economic Service Counsel. William Stewart was formerly employed by the United States Department of State as an economist. His numerous publications include Business Reference and Investment Guides, feasibility studies and testimony for forensic economics.  Ann Stewart is the publisher of tourist maps, a former student of the University of St. Mary's in Honolulu, she is renowned throughout the Pacific and in Europe as an extraordinary hostess and compliment to arduous negotiations.

Robert Harrison, Experienced Lobbyist on Capitol Hill, experienced legislative staff member,former Department of Justice staff member,veteran of the United States Special Forces ethically represents your special interests. His clients include industry and agricultural special interests. Harrison is from Montana and has traveled extensively.  

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