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Services Available


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Coalition Development -

Organizational Networking is crucial to the success of creating any change in policy or modification of existing covenants between our pubic servants, elected officials and those in the community. Robert Harrison locates powerful allies for his clients and approaches only those offices genuinely mandated to respond to your issue.

75.00 per hr. research and expenses communication proposals $75.00

Appointments - 

Harrison is armed with facts and devotes his full attention to one issue and one client at a time. "The Pathfinder" is known to work for the client he bills, and to devote 100% to advance their concerns in an appropriate, cost effective and ethical manner.The Stevan Consortium Associates are not gate crashers, each member has a political social and established presence in public office and government agenices.Some firms confuse status with knowledge, our clients pay for knowledge, and performance. We are not on your expense account for the three martini lunch.   

$250.00 per hr. appointment with presentation costs isolated at our rate $75.00 per development hr. standard industry rates apply for DVD, printing, film or video production. Stevan Company network associates offer reduced fees for technical requirements.

Newspaper Advertisements,copywrite and photography, presented to you camera ready $200 and production costs

Television Commercials, Two Camera Production and Script $250.00 per script and production costs

Press Packages Brochures /including 20 Letters to your legislators $300.00  per hour and production

Translations $300 per hour plus typesetting or voice over expenses Arabic, Greek, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

Image Assistance - Professional Coaching in Public Speaking, Wardrobe, Etiquette and Foreign Cultures - $500 individual tutorial rates / accompanied field escorts to your area are negotiable.This service is provided for retail buyers and investors scouting development sites.



Engineer relationships with William H. Stewart an experienced diplomat>
William H. Stewart spent five years with our allies in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. He has previous experience in Libya. His economic
studies are currently in use by our allies in the development of fair trade and partnerships. Become acquainted with our allies through the mutual respect and cooperation toward common goals, on the basis of his many years providing people with the facts they need to improve their lives.
Promote peace 

Experienced Experts In Economics
William Stewart was an advisor to Arab Nations

Elizabeth Stewart closes international accounts through cultural understanding

Elizabeth Stewart is knowledgable of Southeast Asian Society and Culture. She is able to bridge the gap between east and west through a tremendous network of long term clients and friends.
Specialized Services for International Gemstone traders and designers


Let us introduce you around the world or at home 


Our team will move your message to the  movers and shakers who matter to your message. Take advantage of  the skills and expertise available through our staff of expert and experienced communicators, your message will be heard. We target your audience and fine tune the rest. Economic Service Counsel distribute tourist maps in five languages to saturate  hotel and airline industry customers in developing resort areas. The  feasibility studies are appropriate for acquisition of  industrial investors.

Stevan Company * Washington D.C.