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Kathryn McDonald, member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, is an accomplished linguist and author, she lived in Europe and Asia where she attended  private schools,later studied at four different universities for a total of eight years. She has appeared on numerous television programs and in film but declined invitations to audition with major studios preferring to focus on her regional interests. Kathryn McDonald made a good reputation for herself in Texas as a journalist. She opened a small news service with one fax machine in the coat room of an Optometry office. She delights everyone with her simplicity and sincerity. "Results don't require  ridiculous expenses," she commented. "The image is important but substance matters.We do image consulting,my goal is to help people feel more comfortable". Kathryn  modeled for retail clients and developed an interest in advertising. "The emphasis among our associates is effective and influential communication based on facts and access to those in government who must respond to the needs of the people."

Our Business Philosophy
Honesty, Integrity, Action 

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers.

Robert Harrison, a man who financed his education by "Smoke Jumping" from planes in a parachute during forest fires in Montana and the Northwest. He then served his country as a member of the Special Forces, further service to his community is visible throughout the Native American Reservations where hospitals arrived to improve the lives of those who were far removed from public services. Harrison completed law school in two years. He accepted assignments  at the United States Justice Department where was instrumental in the  Love Canal issue. On Capitol Hill he served his legislator working 12 hour days. Harrison has managed several campaigns, negotiated international issues in Europe between opposing parties and returned to the USA after traveling to the Soviet Union to investigate the stability of potential American investments in that country. Once again in Washington,he represents cattlemen, Native Americans, industry and agricultural issues. Harrison enjoys St. Andrews Society and participates in Native American events.  He and his life partner, Kathryn, enjoy the arts and traveling  with  their family. They have friends from all over the world who visit and are always welcome in their home. He shuns personal publicity.

The Stevan Company Provides
Cost Efficient Solutions in Marketing,Research, Outreach
Public Relations and Small  
Business Image Consultancy.   

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